Frequently Asked Questions

Our expert insurance agents have years of experience answering questions about every aspect of business, health, and personal insurance policies. Here are answers to some of the most common questions to help you make more informed choices. Call us today at 336-379-8640 to discuss the best insurance options for you and your family or business.

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NO.  Insurance rates are the same whether you purchase your policy through our agency or directly from the carrier.  In fact, with our assistance you will have more accurate paperwork, which could result in better rates.

YES.  IF your COBRA coverage is expiring, Inclusive Health may be an option for you now.  If not, Open Enrollment begins under Health Care Reform on 10/1/13 to 12/7/13 for a 1/1/14 effective date.  Underwriting will no longer be based on health but on three variables: smoking, age, and geographic location.

Flood coverage is not provided by the North Carolina homeowner policy form.  A flood insurance policy may be purchased separately from the homeowner policy should you choose to do so.

The unendorsed homeowner policy excludes coverage for damage caused by earthquakes. You may elect to purchase an endorsement to add earthquake coverage to your homeowner policy.

A personal umbrella policy provides an additional layer of liability coverage over what you already have from your homeowner, automobile, boat and other personal insurance policies.  The policy is designed to protect your personal assets from bodily injury and property damage liability suits against you.

Discounts vary by company, but some examples are the multi-policy discount, new home credit, gated community credit, multi-car discount (also available for those with a single personal vehicle and an additional company owned car), good student discount, safe driver discount, experienced driver discount, loyalty credit, protection device credit, and loss free credit.  Speak to one of our insurance agents to determine the specific discounts for which you might qualify.