Health Insurance

Having the right health insurance plan is an important part of caring for the well-being of yourself and your family, or, as a business owner, for your employees and their families. Our agents will help you navigate the many choices in insurance companies, plans and coverage levels to find the best choice or choices for you. Health insurance is a rapidly changing world. Effective January, 2014, all Americans are "required" to have comprehensive health insurance. And even without a law mandating coverage, you would never want to go without this important protection. Our agents are prepared to help you find the right policy for your needs and to help you better understand your choices for today, tomorrow and on into "Reform".  

Godwin Insurance Agency offers the following Health Insurance options:

  • For Individuals or Families There are a number of options when it comes to "individual" health insurance plans. Currently premiums vary based on a number of different factors, which will be completely changed effective January 1, 2014. Our agents are experts at helping you find the best insurance for your specific situation.

  • Group Benefits are plans offered to employees by an employer. Small Group is now defined by "Reform" as having less than 50 full-time "equivalent" employees. There is no mandate under "Reform" for Small Group and the mandate to offer coverage in "Large"  Groups (51+) is now delayed to 1/1/15. However the Individual mandate under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) still exists. Your employees will value their benefits today more than ever!

  • Disability Insurance provides supplementary income in the event an illness or accident prevents you from working. These policies can be purchased individually, through your business, or may be offered by your employer.

  • Long Term Care Insurance assists with expenses associated with sustained care needed to help with functions of daily living. It can be used for Home care, Assisted Living Facilities or Nursing Homes.

  • Medicare Supplement Insurance is insurance that is available to individuals that have Medicare Part A and Part B. These policies can assist with out-of-pocket expenses for hospitalization, physician visits or pharmaceuticals.